About the QNSA

The QNSA is an AMS ratified university club compromised of a diverse group of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students that share an interest in Aboriginal cultures and traditions. Undergraduates, graduates and professional  students are all represented in the QNSA.

The QNSA functions as a forum for students to discuss contemporary and historic issues pertaining to Aboriginal peoples and cultures.
We work  in collaboration with Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre (FDASC) and Queen’s Aboriginal Council to identify the needs of Aboriginal students on campus.

QNSA plans and produces (with FDASC) Aboriginal Awareness Week  each year on campus. The week long event has a different theme each year, guest speakers and performers bring the Queen’s and Kingston communities together to learn about and critically engage with issues.  Past themes include Resistance, Medicines and Healing, and Aboriginal Art and Culture and Dance, Love as Medicine.  their time to volunteering with and attending other relevant Aboriginal themed events on campus such as the FDASC’s Annual Symposium.

The QNSA seeks to promote increased cultural understanding on campus. Members attend events produced by other clubs on campus to promote solidarity and cooperation towards achieving campus-wide mutual respect.

If you have any questions, comments and/or suggestions for QNSA we’d love to hear from you!



One comment

  1. Good for you for protecting the Centre. My children and grandchild have native ancestors and I’ve taken them all to powwows and read them their heritage stories.
    In my view, the only hope for us to come out of this century with any planet at all lies with aboriginal people on every continent. Everybody else is dead asleep.
    I supported the Ardoch Algonquin in their struggle to get toxic uranium mining off their ancestral home, just north of Kingston. I recently picketed the Royal Bank here to support native leaders against the tar sands. I look forward to supporting more actions. Grandfather Commanda is a profound inspiration to me. My best to you, Marie Lloyd.

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